10 Reasons Why You Need A Dog In Your Life

10 Reasons Why You Need A Dog In Your Life

I was very hesitant when my future wife asked me if we could get a dog when we first decided to move in together. We needed to find a new place to live and now she wanted to add raising a puppy into this new and hectic equation?  After some consideration I agreed that we could at least go look at what the rescue event at the local pet shop had to offer.  We were immediately drawn to this little guy with big floppy ears and paws that were way too large for his tiny body.  After giving him a few pets while looking into his big smiling face, taking him for a walk around the block and seeing the expression of “please” on my girlfriend’s face, I asked the representatives what the next step would be to bring this puppy home with us.  As much as he needed a home, we were the ones who didn’t realize at the time how much we needed him in our lives.



There is a reason the old phrase, man’s best friend, was invented to describe a person’s relationship to a dog.  Once you spend time raising a pup, it becomes evident that the bond between an owner and his or her pooch grows into a significant friendship throughout the good times as well as the bad.  A dog has a way of sensing what kind of mood you are in and will reciprocate undying affection towards you as such. Whenever I leave the house my dog gives me this look of despair as if to question if I’m ever coming back.  When I get back I am greeted with full gratification as he runs up jumping and licking my face while running in circles at my triumphant return.  Never fails to put a smile on my face.  



Taking care of a dog can offer the owner some of the best exercise options on the market.  Whether it’s going out for a walk around the block, a run around the neighborhood or a light bike ride on an appropriate path with your four legged best friend by your side, you’ll feel better about your health while giving your pet the necessary activity it needs.  By taking your dog out on different excursions throughout the day, you both will benefit from the exercise and improvement of cardiovascular health.  Burning those extra calories can be beneficial for building strength on both ends.   



There’s nothing like taking the necessary steps and precautions to provide safety and care for another living creature in your life.  The daily duties of owning a dog will teach you how to be responsible and accountability for this precious canine’s growth and development.  Your pup will need to be fed, taken outside for bathroom breaks, long walks, cuddles and general care and maintenance such as a trip to the veterinarian when he or she feels sick.  If you are unable to perform the necessary tasks, it is crucial to find someone who can cover for you.  The responsibility one learns from tending to another’s needs builds character and can give a sense of great pride. 



Dogs are some of the most loyal pets a person can have and are forever grateful for the love, food and shelter that we provide for them.  Almost instantly a dog will be devoted to your every beck and call.  A pup will become an indispensable part of your family and will show you constant love and affection by the only way it knows how, lots of licks and cuddles.



Dogs are tremendous burglar alarms if you don’t own a security system in your living space.  Dogs will protect their family at all costs and have superior instincts when it comes to a sense of eminent danger.  An off putting noise or a possible intruder will put a pooch on high alert and hopefully the bark that follows will discourage something bad from happening.  It’s almost like dogs have a built in sonar system with the ability to sense things invisible to the human eye and ear. 



Feeling stressed out by work or possibly an argument with a loved one?  Fear not, spending time with your dog following such incidents can calm your nerves and lower anxiety.  Ever wonder why so many people these days have therapy dogs?  Well besides being able to bring your pet everywhere you go, most dogs make you feel a sense of serenity and tranquility just from being in the same vicinity.  Having a dog by your side can ease the tension of most trying situations.



When you take your dog to a dog park not only do you get to see how your pup interacts with all the other different kinds of breeds of furry friends, but also you yourself have a chance to share stories with fellow owners.  Whether it is in a dog park or on a casual walk, conversations with strangers who seem to be fond of your pet can be a great experience.  Especially when they compliment your dog.  Or as I like to think to myself, “Yup, that’s my boy!”



Surprisingly, having a dog in your life helps you stay healthy and strong for longer periods of time.  Studies show that dog owners make fewer trips to the doctors then those who don’t have a pup in their life.  Perhaps we recover faster because deep down we know we need to get better in order to take care of our shaggy best friend.



 It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks and a young dog old tricks.  Part of the fun of owning a dog is getting to teach them to roll over, lay down, shake hands and fetch.  Practice makes perfect and once your pup learns something new it’s time to celebrate by giving a proper treat.  You also feel a sense of accomplishment by teaching them something that they will remember later on.



Simply put, dogs can raise your spirits and make you happy just by being themselves in all their glory.  Whether watching them play with their toys, a funny noise that they make or just a silly interaction, dogs will constantly amuse their owners.  They are the most amazing partners through thick and thin.

I can’t imagine a life without my dog by my side and I’m forever grateful for that day when we decided to take him into our lives.  Let’s face it.  Everyone could use a dog in this day and age.  Three cheers for the pup…woof, woof, woof.