10 Ways To Show Your Dogs You Love Them

10 Ways To Show Your Dogs You Love Them

My favorite furry friend, how do I love thee? Let me count the tail wags. The bond between dog owners and their faithful canine companions can be more decisive when love and admiration is shared between the two.  Dogs may show fondness for their master by giving playful licks and cuddling, but how can you show your four-legged companions that you care for them in the same positive manner? Follow these simple methods to ensure your pup realizes your undying affection for their well being.    

Be An Attentive Audience For Your Dog

Always try to be aware of your dog’s body language, whether you are out and about or just lying around at home.  If they are wagging their tail and giving you eye contact, be sure to acknowledge their presence and give them an excellent scratch behind the ears or kind word to find out what they need. Be a good listener and keep an eye out for when they seem anxious or worried.  Calm them down by giving them positive support.

Your Facial Expressions Go A Long Way

Dogs can be very intuitive of human emotions, so if your dog witnesses an outburst of your mental state, be sure to show him a soothing look afterward to ease the tension that might be felt by your best friend.  If possible, try not to overexert anger in the presence of your dog.  Dogs can become apprehensive and afraid if they see your face twisted and contorted in confrontation.

Look Lovingly Into Your Dog’s Eyes

Eye contact is essential in establishing a connection with your dog. Gaze delicately into your dog’s eyes while petting them gently and speaking softly. Dogs might raise their eyebrows when they feel connected to their owner in a particular moment. It’s always reassuring to lift your eyebrows back in a relaxed manner to show your puppy that you are happy to be with them.

When They Lean On, Lean Back

If your dog tilts and leans into your body, be sure to reciprocate and lean into him. This movement is your buddy’s way of seeking attention and is a sign of love and trust. So lean back into their fluffy body and show them that you appreciate the snuggle bump.

Talk To Your Pooch

Dogs are prone to understand the human language more than you think.  You can always tell when your dog understands a particular word when the pointy ears perk up.  Whether the sound of such trigger words as walk, treat, good boy, or stay, it’s always good to make that interaction and connection between your voice and your dog’s ears.  Dogs enjoy the sound of your speech, so tell them how you feel.

Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle

If you are on the couch, in bed, or rolling around on the floor with your dog, close contact assures your pup that they are safe and secure in their habitat.  Snuggling with your dog offers reassurance that you will protect and love him at all costs. Dogs tend to feel out their owner’s emotions and will come snuggle up when you need them most.

Rub Those Floppy Ears

If you want to see your dog in true bliss, be sure to rub his ears accordingly.  A dog’s ears are susceptible to touch and have many nerve endings that can release endorphins when appropriately rubbed. These endorphins will give your dog the happiest feeling by gently massaging the area around his ears.

Daily Walks

No dog likes to sit around the house or backyard day in and day out without getting some exercise.  Dogs flourish when they have a scheduled routine of daily walks around the neighborhood.  When you share a walk with your dog, it increases the pack mentality of building trust.  

Be Active And Play

Your dog will seek attention at times, and it’s always a good idea to embrace his inner childhood and play with him.  Throw the ball, chuck a frisbee, or play fetch with his most cherished toy. By playing, you and your dog will get some healthy exercise together, and your bond will continue to grow.

Positive Reinforcement

When communicating with your furry best friend, it is always important to reinforce positivity when he does something right.  This connection will motivate your dog to learn and maintain good habits throughout his lifetime.  Encourage your dog to do well, and he will see you as a good master who provides him with love and affection.

Hopefully, these techniques will help you along the way to a lengthy and loving relationship with that special dog in your life. There is no better feeling in the world than to know you are loved. So give your pup the benefit of the doubt and show them you would do anything for them.