Celebrate Dog Mom's for Mother's Day Because Pet Parents Are Parents Too

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Celebrate Dog Mom's for Mother's Day Because Pet Parents Are Parents Too

Pet moms are real moms; Pet parents are parents too. Many people don't think that pet parents are parents, but we are here to tell you that they are! We understand that pets and real children are different. We appreciate all the human kid parents out there too. Instead, what we mean is that we can be pet parents and parents to human children, or just one or the other.

Parenting is work. If you are a pet parent or human parent (or both), you know how much it takes to be a good parent. We need to take care of many things and lifestyle changes that we need to make to provide the best life for our families.

Dog Mom's Mother's Day

It's In Our Nature

According to Sarah bluffer hardy, the writer of the book Mothers and others', she said that "we humans are uniquely cooperative. People tend to "selflessly sacrifice time and money because they have a moral obligation to help others." This is the scientific validation of helping others. Science has shown it's in our DNA to be caretakers.

Anthropologists call this trait alloparenting. In simple terms, we are wired for altruism and cooperation. As a result, we humans thrive when we have someone to parent, human or animal.

Another example is the rise of companion pets in our homes and the many aspects of family life they share with us. They help us through tragedy, loss, aging, health crisis, etc. When we become their parents, they give us purpose, and purpose gives us hope.

The Bonding Is Proof of Parenting

Loving a dog or cat can feel just like having a child. When you look into your dog's eyes, you can feel their love for you, and you know that they are just as if he is just as reliant on you for food and shelter as you were on your parents. It is indeed a humbling experience.

Pets Aren't Human Children, But They Still Need Parents.

Although it may not be something we want to admit, deep down inside, it's undeniable that our pets play a hugely important role in our everyday life, mood, and overall happiness. So, what do they get in return for boosting our spirits? They get us as parents!

Even if they aren't human child substitutes and we're not helping them with their math homework every night or saving money for college, they still need us. So, we still owe them the best of the best.

We Cuddle Our Pets Endlessly

Scoot over; your pet child is ready to snuggle in bed. So many dog moms and dads share a bed with their furry baby and cuddle too! If our pet is scared, hurt, or needs extra attention, we ensure they are near us to be comforted. That's what good pet parents do. And dog mothers do so by just being there for their puppies when they need love!

To Pet Parents, Their Pets Are Best In The World

Just as we think for our children that they are the best in the world because they are our flesh and blood, pet parents also believe that might be true for their pets. These people think that their cat or dog is the only best animal in the world and there is nothing you can compare with them.

Others might admire different animals, yet this group will not be swayed by what outsiders say about their pet; no matter how good an animal, we will always consider our pet better.

Even the other pet could earn an award, but it would never impress these types of 'pet-parents' as much as their dog or cat. They'd firmly believe that their pet is the best and outshines any others despite evidence to the contrary because these people love unconditionally.

What Makes a Great Pet Parent?

When we ask pet parents what it means to be a good parent, they say that they feed their dogs three times a day. When we notice our dog needs to go outside to use the bathroom, we take them out. When they have diarrhea or require assistance when using the bathroom, we thoroughly clean their paws and ensure they are clean.

Let's Celebrate Pet Parents, Too!

We want to celebrate pet parents like we celebrate human parents. Not every day, but on a particular day just for them. We are starting with Dog Mom's Day! Yes, there is even a Mother’s Day for dog moms; the second Saturday of May is dog mom's day. This blog will look at the different aspects of our day-to-day lives that make all pet parents, parents too.


It's an old idea that the bond between humans and animals is something special. A bond is so strong that it is impossible to understand unless you've experienced it yourself. There are millions of people who consider their pets as their children. This blog is all about why pet parents are parents too. We hope you give can now boldly say, yes, I am a pet parent. Celebrate me!