The 10 Best Dogs To Follow on Instagram

How does someone decide which dogs are the best possible candidates to follow on social media? Is it the unique look and breed of the canine? Could it be the silly situations or environments in which the owner places their beloved pooch? Perhaps the crazy costumes and outfits fitted oh so perfectly around our hairy little friends. Any of these attributes can cause a flurry of followers to descend upon numerous dogs with an Instagram account. Let’s take a look at some of the dogs that dominate the scene on the interweb. 


1. Doug the Pug 

The dog, the myth, the legend. What can they say about Doug that hasn’t already been said? This good, old boy from Nashville, Tennessee, is continuously the talk of the town with his ever-growing popularity among celebrities and common folk alike.  Everyone needs a Pug with a beautiful mug in their life, so check out his 2021 calendar for those premium pooch pouts.



2. Jiffpom

This puffball of Pomeranian playfulness has the privilege of once being voted “The Most Popular Dog In The World.”  Looking more like a squeaky toy than a world-class jet setter, Jiffpom knows how to work the runway in any of his tiny designer attire. Originally from Illinois, this pup is always happy to put on a smile and show the world he’s in it to win it.



3. Maya the Samoyed

What’s fluffier than a floofy fluff fluff?  That would be Maya, of course! This Samoyed beauty has the most pleasant disposition when entertaining the masses for extravagant dinner parties.  She loves a bit of dress up and hanging out with her human mom when she’s not doing impromptu photoshoots.



4. Loki the Wolfdog

Part wolf, part husky, 100% heartthrob, this Denver, Colorado dreamboat enjoys his time in the snow-covered countryside. Blending into the most scenic backdrops, Loki is a great outdoors connoisseur who can howl with the best of them. When the full moon is looming, Loki isn’t far behind.



5. Aspen the Mountain Pup 


Another perfect pup from Colorado, this great golden boy enjoys his vacations with a taste of adventure on the side. Whether it’s hanging by the lake, climbing the closest snow-capped mountain peak, or playing on the beach, Aspen always enjoys a breath of fresh air. Some consider him to be the original nature boy.




6. Marutaro


Shibu Inu, glad to meet you! Marutaro, aka Maru, is based in Tokyo, and he is always ready to exchange pleasantries with any person that amuses him.  This little fluff bucket enjoys brisk walks followed by a nice, leisurely snooze on the sun stroked floor of his high-rise.



7. Tuna

With an overbite that would have any orthodontist begging for a consultation, Tuna is proud of his chompers, and his millions of followers can agree.  Living the good life in California, this Chiweenie (a mix between a Chihuahua and Dachshund) is proof that beauty in the eye of the beholder. So behold, Tuna is a magnificent beast!



8. Agador

This Maltipoo with the perfect pompadour is the pride of New York City and a man about town. Agador dresses for success and can always be found with a hairbrush in his back pocket. The so-called “Bob Ross of dogs” is also a bit of an artist when putting paint on canvas to create magic.


9. Archie 



10. Poe Pancoast

This one Poe puppy is a happy go lucky Pitbull who loves the waves and his laid back Venice beach lifestyle. He is nothing but smiles when it’s time to hike the coast in search of the perfect peanut butter bone. Poe also enjoys the work of a particular American writer and poet known to quote the raven, “Nevermore.”



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Sarah G.

Dog Mom

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Dog Mom

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Barry Arnold

Dog Dad

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Elise Goose

Dog Mom

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Jay David

Dog Dad

My partner hated having dog treats everywhere- plastic bags, pockets. So I got her this pouch with our dog's face and she's obsessed.


Candace Kolowski

Dog Mom

I bought a few of these to give as stocking stuffers for my grown kids who all chose to have dogs instead of babies. I know they're going to be a hit! The quality is great and the colors really pop.


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