Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Dog Dads

You know that man in your life, the one who seems impossible to shop for during the holidays. He doesn't shop much, yet, he somehow has everything he needs. Why does he seem so content? Because he is a proud pet parent, that's why! When you are a pet parent, you don't want the same material things that non-pet parents crave. Instead, you want your fur-baby on items you will use every day or look at every day.

To help you shop for the super content dog dad in your life, we've made a list of dog dad-approved items that are sure to make the dog dad in your life jump for joy.

Personalized sneakers with names? Or maybe even personalized wedding sneakers? Whatever your unique design idea is, it can now go on these low top sneakers for men. Made with breathable polyester canvas and featuring hi-poly deodorant memory foam insoles, these personalized sneakers bear all the marks of an awesome shoe. Add your fur-baby and watch this shoe transform into magical dog walking footwear.

2. Custom Art + Name Sweatshirts

This Sweatshirt is made with high-quality soft cotton, its main features are comfortable, machine washable. Get cozy and snug in one of our Unisex Crew sweatshirts as the chill begins to frost your bones. With comfort levels so high, you might not want to ever take off this sleek sweatshirt when you are cuddling with that special dog in your life. Pick out a style and layout that fits your personality as well as something your pooch will approve. We all know your puppy worries about your warmth and well being.


3. Embroidered Hats

These stylish hats with your dog or pet's face embroidered on it is sure to make that dog dad in your life happy. He can wear it proud and look good doing it. Give the gift of unique dadness with these one-of-a-kind gifts for the dog papa in your life.



4. Personalized Wall Clock

What time is it? Time to look at your sweet fur baby! These clocks come in six colors, two frame options, and you can include a name or leave it out. Making it the best office party gift for a co-worker or a dog dad gift, because we know those dads can be hard to shop for.


5. Custom Dog Art Puzzles 

Looking for the perfect item to pass the time by yourself or with family and friends as the cold wind blows and rattles the great outdoors? Look no further for a piece of mind, whoops, we mean, peace of mind. But we do have pieces for you to put together as you try to assemble a puzzle that is personalized with your favorite dog's face as the main attraction. Spend quality time trying to put together a canine creation of your very own pup while hoping that the last piece hasn't been lost among the couch cushions.


6. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Did anyone ever tell you that your dog has a beautiful mug? Well, why not put their beautiful mug on an actual mug! The Dog Parents have the perfect sturdy ceramic mug for you to personalize with a picture of your pooch and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or cocoa during the holidays. Wait, your dog's name is Cocoa, and your drinking cocoa from a mug with Cocoa's face on it?! Everything is coming together perfectly during this magical time.


7. Custom Luggage Tags for a Man On the Move

Traveling during the holidays can take its toll on anyone. Dealing with the cluttered confusion of the airport as you travel to your destination can be a daunting experience during this time. You've just landed, you're waiting at the baggage claim, and every suitcase looks the same. But wait, there's hope! If you have one of The Dog Parents' customized luggage tags displaying your dog's lovely face on your baggage, a feeling of relief will wash over your senses. This sporty tag will help you to the promised land of your vacation and then homeward bound.


8. Custom Carry-On Luggage with Wheels

Never lose your suitcase again! This quality carry-on is everything and more. For the true dog dad in your life, this is the gift that is sure to keep on giving. Its classic sleek look comes on six colors and the base color is always black, but the front is all your pup. 


9. Personalized Fleece Blankets

Love to give your fuzzy friend epic tummy scratches on your lap or couch but worried about the abundance of shedding fur? Fear not, we have you covered with the perfect pet lap blanket to alleviate the stress of being covered in dog fur and keep the lint roller away. With either fleece, these blankets will capture every last loose fluff falling into your lap for easy cleanup and clothing protection for years to come.



10. Custom Poker Cards

The fire is crackling, and the family is gathered around the table with the same old worn-down deck of playing cards used year in and year out. Ho, ho, hold up. Why not play a game with a deck that showcases your family dog on every card? Winning is easy when you're playing with a full fluffy deck of cards. Whether it's a poker game with family and friends or a round of solitaire by yourself, seeing the face of your best friend on each card is a sure way to warm your heart on any occasion. 


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Sarah G.

Dog Mom

I bought a few of these to give as stocking stuffers for my grown kids who all chose to have dogs instead of babies. I know they're going to be a hit! The quality is great and the colors really pop.


Malia Ariela

Dog Mom

When I was told that I would become a Godmother again, I knew that I wanted to get a really fun gift that would get a LOT of use. The bib is so cute and funny - and the pictures have been so worth it!


Barry Arnold

Dog Dad

We have a very big and lovable pitbull dog who wants nothing more than to bask in the sun outdoors, but he has bad hips. These outdoor dog beds are easy to keep clean, even easier to wash and my dog loves it.


Elise Goose

Dog Mom

It's always so hard to figure out stocking stuffers, and I feel so ahead of the game after nabbing this one for my dog obssessed brother


Jay David

Dog Dad

My partner hated having dog treats everywhere- plastic bags, pockets. So I got her this pouch with our dog's face and she's obsessed.


Candace Kolowski

Dog Mom

I bought a few of these to give as stocking stuffers for my grown kids who all chose to have dogs instead of babies. I know they're going to be a hit! The quality is great and the colors really pop.


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