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Fleece Blankets

The best things in life are furry, the second best things are sweatshirts with furry faces. Your pup on a sweatshirt says to the world, "99% of the time Iโ€™m thinking about my dog."

The snuggle is real.

Our custom sweatshirts are an excellent gift for dog moms and dads who take their pup everywhere. These sweatshirts are warm and full of love. 


Custom and quality. 


Calling in sick today โ€“ I came down with puppy fever. 


A pawfect gift for dog mamas and papas!

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Frequently asked question

Will you notify me when my purchase is in production?

Once your purchase is confirmed, and our team approves your picture, you can expect your artwork and confirmation that we are in production within 3-5 days. 

What if I am concerned that the image I uploaded isn't quality?

If you are unsure of your photo quality, don't fret! Our team reviews every image uploaded and lets you know if you need a better quality image before our artists work. Please see our image guidelines if you have any questions. 

Once my artwork is in production, how long before it is shipped?

Our products are print-on-demand. To keep it custom and save our environment from unnecessary harm, we do not hold any inventory. Once your artwork is in production, it will take 3-5 business days to print before shipping it to you.  

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