We are a couple of friends who bonded over the love we have for our fur babies. We recognized that we are not alone in thinking and treating our dogs as children (or grandchildren!). We are both easily offended by the term "dog owner" because we never felt like owners, we feel like parents.

So, how do we celebrate and share our passion for dog parenting with the world? We created a custom shop where people from all over can use pictures of their dog-kids, granddogs, or great-granddogs to turn into fantastic works of art to be placed on all sorts of products.

Whether it is a phone case, a blanket, a camping mug, or a custom hat, the more we show our love for our fur babies, the more others will learn to embrace their own inner dog parents, and the more love dogs everywhere will receive. Share your picture, wear your status proudly, and show the world what a real dog parent is made of!

Some of our benefits:

🐶 We use real artists to create your artwork

🐾 We give 10% back on every purchase for you can donate to the charity of your choice (although we do encourage gifting to shelters and rescues)

🦮 Our products are print-on-demand only because we love our planet

🤳 Our products, like your dog baby, look great on Instagram. So, go ahead and tag us @TheDogParentsShop - we run contests regularly!